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Ninja Gaiden II Walkthrough A CAPTIVE GODDESS - Part 1

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After dropping down, and getting to the area where the monsters are, kill them and go upstairs! Upstairs there are a bunch of chests, as well as a dead guy, make sure you go into every room including opening the door to this room.

It has yellow essence in it. Use a UT to break open the blocked path up the stairs. Once up top ( watch out for dogs) after a short distance you will come to a split pathway of sorts, take the alleyway.

When you go on the path to the left further down the alley(the only path to take besides going back), you will probably notice a skull up high on a second story metal porch. Run along the walls(2 walls) to get to it.

Once you get to the save point, go up the ladder next to it. Directly behind the save point and a little ways down the street always is a chest hidden behind some barrels.

Right after you climb the ladder is another dead guy with a nice item on him. Once you reach the end of the road, hop over to the building to get another skull.

Drop down afterward and go to the Muramasa shop and get the item next to it. To climb back up, hop up the building you jumped to.

Once up on top of the building, climb the ladder and save. All the way down the path to the left of the save point is a chest containing health. After going a short distance to the right of the save point, a movie scene will trigger and a sub-boss fight will ensue.