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Ninja Gaiden II Walkthrough THUNDERCLAP OF CATASTROPHE - Part 1

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2 chests and Murumasa’s shop await you in the begging area. If you are having trouble seeing where the path is, it's right over here.

There is Ninpo on a dead guy and a chest on the floor of the building. There is also a skull at the top of the stairs. After saving, hop up the wall to the left of the save point.

You don't have to drop down on the other side, but you might as well drop down and get the chests down there. To get across the immense chasm, simply jump up and grab the wire pole thingy and go across.

After saving again, hop on down to the other side. Don't forget to get the chest and the dead guy in the big area. Going further down the road will activate a movie scene. After scene, jump into the hole.