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Ninja Gaiden II Walkthrough THUNDERCLAP OF CATASTROPHE - Part 2

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If you're not sure what to do now that your down here. Climb the ladder and run across the metal bars.

Go through the metal bars on the wall to get to the next section( after you save of course).

Now you end up coming to yet another drop off. This time, instead of just running across the wall, you need to run then jump to a pipe and jump to a pipe then finish running across the wall.

When you get to the end of the next area you have to directions to go, turn left and do a wall to wall run at the end of it to get a skull. There is also a life of the gods in the water below.

In the other direction, to get across the body of water, instead of swinging across from the pole drop down to the ground at the end of the pole and double run across the wall.

To get passed that next tiny area, run along the walls until u get up here.

The proper direction to go in, after going through the door next to Murumasa’s shop, is left. But, first get the incendiary shrunken off the dead guy and the items in the room to your right. To get through the left area, climb the ladder down there then hop over to the other side.

Then run along the wall and hop to the bar to swing through( providing you blew out the fan with an incendiary shuriken).

The passage through the next area is under water. At the next save, hop up to the inside of the bus train thing.

After a bunch of wall running and ninjamonster killing, you'll get to another Muramasa shop. Hopefully you already have a level 3 dragon sword. If not, I would suggest doing so now. Stocking up on healing items might not be a bad idea if you aren't maxed out on them. Not much further is another save. After you save, but before you drop down into the area next to the save point, Run across a wall and do the test of valor. Make sure you save first though! Once you drop down in the area next to the save point, just run thought that part and wall run into the broken train.

Then, kill a few monsters in the area on the other side of the train and the boss fight will ensue.

Some people( myself included), found this boss to be very difficult first time through. Basically you’re supposed to range this boss, Since most of time you can't attack it directly without taking damage. If you have a level 3 dragon sword, you can do the "Annihilating Gleam" to attack it when it is next to you without you taking any damage. The charge is also good for killing the spawns.