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Ninja Gaiden II Walkthrough THE CASTLE OF THE DRAGON - Part 1

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After a little bit or walking you'll come across another dead guy with a scroll on him. Further down and you will reach an open area. After you kill all the black spider clan ninjas in the area, you can use Muramasa's shop. Go through the large door to the right of Muramasa's shop.

Get the chest then turn around and go back on the trail to the right of Murumasa's shop. Go down the path until you reach the water at the end of the path to right of the targets.

You now have to travel a short distance over water to reach the point the path starts again. To run on top of water, press A repeatedly while on water. Make sure you grab the skull under the left corner of the bridge.

Up the path a little ways, and you will reach another open area with a save point. Grab the scroll from the dead guy and save. Then move along the side of the building. After turning the corner, take a right and go inside the building.

There are two chests inside this room. Once you open the chests and kill the ninjas in the area, on a wall in the room is your next weapon.

After getting your new weapon, go outside and into the big open area.

Stay there and kill all the ninjas and archers, until there are no more enemies left in that area. Afterwards a scene will appear saying that the candles have been lit.

Hop back to by the candles and grab the rod of trials. Then continue on up the trail to the left.

Climb the towers to kill the archers. The first set of towers has a chest on the left tower.

Once you get past the second set of towers, you will reach a save point with a path going up a stairway and a cave like path behind the save point. Go up the stairs to the left, it dead ends with a Muramasa shop at the end. Once you are done shopping, take the trail behind the save point.

Go to the end of the cave and hop out of it.

Once you go up a ways you'll run into another chest to your upper left.

A little further up and there will be a small offshoot to your left with a chest in it.

Once you reach the top of the stairs, you'll be in an open area where there are a larger group of ninjas. Take the scroll from the dead guy next to the door if you want. Then climb up the boards on the wall.

Jump down the burning part of the roof with a hole in it.

Now go to your left to save. To your right near the end of the wall is the Fiend's Bane Bow.

Take it and then go to your right more and then up to the metal half wall. Shoot the shiny object with a charged shot from your bow to make the obstruction move out of your way.

Once you get to the end of the stairs, you will drop into an open area.