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Ninja Gaiden II Walkthrough SKY CITY TOKYO - Part 2

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You will now be inside a very tall building. Save the game, then go through the door move to the stairway.

First go down the stairs and get the chest. Then, back up the stairs, go to the floor above the one you were originally on. Kill all the ninjas in the area and then go all the way up the stairs and open the chest up there. Go back down to the floor you were on before you went to get the chest on top. Go to the door to the right of the elevators, and open it.

Go into the room and take the scroll from the dead guy, then climb the ladder, walk to the wall and hop up the walls.

Once up top, to your right is another of Muramasa's shops, as well as another chest.

Go to the left of the where you came in. Once you reach the save point, save it, go upstairs, and kill all the ninjas in the area. After you are finished killing the ninjas, go through the door to initiate another movie scene.

Now you will fight your first boss!

Congratulations! You have finished chapter 1.