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Ninja Gaiden II Walkthrough THE AQUA CAPITAL - Part 1

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In the big opening area of chapter 5, is a Muramasa shop. Once you get to the top of the stairs, instead of crossing the bridge, go down the stairs on the other side and get the weapon from the dead guy. There is a chest above the water in this area. Also, in the water on a boat on the same side of the bridge is a skull.

Once you cross the bridge, head to the save point and save. Right when you walk through the door next to the save point, there is a skull directly to your right.

Once you cross the bridge in this area, go to the right to get a treasure chest and a Talisman of Rebirth( if you don't have one anymore). To get the talisman, on the right side of the area hop up between the walls.

Now go in the other direction.

Before going up to the fountain, go right here across the next bridge and grab the item off the dead guy, then head up to the much columned fountain area.

Now go underwater in the fountain, open the chest and go through the tunnel next to the chest.

Once you get through to the other side, you need to be careful not to touch the mines in the water, you can shoot them with the spear gun you just got. Right after you pass a boat, there is a small offshoot loaded with mines, shoot them all then go into the area to find another skull.

Keep going down the water path until you get to a broken wall. Hop in, save, then run upstairs and go outside. You need to go into this building to get the bridge gate key.

Cross the bridge, then go through the building. When you get to the deck like thing over the water, shoot the shiny orbs to drop the bridge.

Hop on the bar underneath the bridge to go across and get the chest on the other side.

Go to the water mill( watch out for mines). Jump on the bar part of the mill and use it to hop up and then go into the building.

Inside the building, hop up to the circular bar thing to reach the chest on the other side of the building.

Leave the building and go to the save point. After you save it, go through the doorway. You have to kill all the monsters in this area before you can continue.