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Ninja Gaiden II Walkthrough THE LYCANTHROPES CASTLE - Part 1

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Go to the place where part of the ceiling fell down, stand on it and hop up to the top of the columns.

Go to your right and hop up onto the slanted part.

There is a skull somewhat hidden on a small ledge below.

Keep going around on the slanted area, further down you will see a crack in ground, inside is a chest containing a lot of yellow essence.

Go next to Murumasa’s shop and jump across a lot of pillars.

When you get to the ledge of the wall go to the left and get the chest.

Then run to the right. In the open area with monsters in it, there is another chest. Then hop on to another set of pillars and columns.

Go inside the building at the end and save. Rune through the cave, grab the item off the dead guy, then go through the gate at the end of the cave.

Run around the room until the little skeleton monsters appear. Kill them all and run around a little longer to activate a movie scene and fight a sub boss.

Now hop up here and run all the way up.

Jump across. Swallow dive might help here.

At the end of the path, jump out and run up the wall, then continue to hop up the wall to get out.

Right when you get out, attack the rope next to the guillotine to make it drop and allow you to get another skull.

Save. Then climb up the stairs, and get the chest at the top and possibly level up a weapon at Murumasa’s shop, I would suggest making sure you save 30k yellow essence so you can max out the weapon you get at the end of this level. Go down the stairs to start a movie scene. You can now go through the door next to the save point.