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Ninja Gaiden II Walkthrough THE LYCANTHROPES CASTLE - Part 2

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There really aren't any side paths or obstacles at this point, just fight your way to the castle gates.

Head to the right of the gates, get to the save point and save. Then go back down the stairs, on the right side of the castle gates and do the Test of Valor.

After you finish, go up the ladder next to the save point.

Once you make it to the part with banners sticking out over a drop off, jump to the banners and position yourself in front of the stained glass then jump through it.

Get the chest in the room, then go outside and use the key you just got on the locked door. Hop down, and fight your way to the save point. In the big open area, you need to go through the door next to the one you went through.

Once you fight through the rooms, you'll get an item then you'll be able to go through the door at the top of the stairs.

At the top of the stairway is a library like room.

Attack the book shelves on the left side of the room to reveal a skull. Then hop up the fireplace to get to the next area. Fight through the area and hop up another fireplace to get outside again. Save then hop across the poles with banners.

Go around the other side to get a Muramasa shop. Then, try opening the door up the stairs, it won't open, go down the stairs and kill all the werewolves to get a key.

Now go through the door.

Once you kill everyone in the general area, interact with the throne to open a hole in the ground. Hop down there, save, then go through the open the door. You are now back in familiar area. Just run all the way down the stairs. Once you go all the way downstairs, go out onto the bridge.

Kill all the annoying flying guys to finish crossing the bridge, as soon as you open the door on the other side, a movie scene will start and you will then fight the chapter 6 boss. Once you beat Volf, you will have to kill a couple werewolves with your awesome new weapon. Then a movie scene will start and the chapter will be over.