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Ninja Gaiden II Walkthrough THE FLYING FORTRESS DAEDALUS - Part 1

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First, shoot all the turrets, then go through the entrance and kill all the machine guys. If you have enough yellow essence, you probably will want to max out the scythe. Go through the door, get the chest, save the game, then go into the next room. Picture-21005.jpg Get the two chests in this room, then go into the next room.

Before you go through the door to the next room, go all the way around this room and get the chest. Once you beat the robots in the next room, interact with the little green lighted machine thing to activate the elevator like platform.

After you fight your way into the control room, destroy the controls. Get the skull right next to the controls.

Save. Then, go back out the door and go back to the platform you came down on. Run past it and go through the door.

Once you get the chest in the room, move into the next one.

Since you can't go past the laser things, go to the room on your right. After you run through there, you will be in some kind of engine room. Get the chests and break the computers. Then shoot the glass cylinders with your bow.

Now run back to the room that had lasers blocking your way. Go through that door. Right after you go through, there will be a door on your left that has a Muramasa shop in it and a save point.

Finish going through the room, then go in to the next one.

Now go up the elevator in the room. When you’re finished killing and trashing everything in this room, go up the ladder on your right.

Open the two chests, then go into the next room.

This room has two other doors in it, go into the door on your right and get the ninpo. Then save the game. Now, go into the room on the left and beat the Test of Valor. After you finally beat it, interact with the green light machine to open a path in the ground.