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Ninja Gaiden II Walkthrough SUBMIT OR DIE - Part 2

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Finish the sub-boss fight, then go into the next area. Two of the prison cells have dead guys with items. At the end is an open prison cell with a cracked wall. Use a UT to break through.

Get the two chests in this area, then go out into the next area. Grab the chest in there, hop down and save the game.

After you save, go through the door to do the Test of Valor. Then, go up the stairs on the other side, go around outside and buy whatever you need at Murumasa’s shop. Once you climb the ladder next to his shop, you will be in the last area of the level.

It is kind of impossible to miss, but as you climb up you climb up this obstacle course, there is a skull to get in your pathway.

There are also not so important chests along the way. Once you get to the top area, save it, then run up the pathway. Once you get to the top you will fight the chapter 8 boss.