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Ninja Gaiden II Walkthrough HEART OF DARKNESS - Part 1

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Fight your way to the water, watch out for mines when you get into the water. There is a Muramasa shop in the area at the start of the water. Run (or swim) to the end of the water, save, then go into the next area. When you get to this open area you can shoot the searchlights to make them go away for a short while. Picture-25840.jpg Kill everyone, then go behind the searchlight tower on the right to get another skull.

There are a lot of treasure chests here. One of them is up these stairs.

Now go to the left searchlight tower, on the tower's left is a gate.

Go through the gate and get the item, then use it back on the area that opened up when you finished killing everyone.

Then swim through the area that opens up underwater. When you get up to the other side, instead of going across the water, jump out to the branches and swing across till you reach land.

When you reach the end of land, jump up and grab the rope. Go about half way across, then swing to the tree next to you and swing on to a little plot of land with a skull and a Muramasa shop on it.

Now run back to the start of the area (watch out for mines), and swing back over to land. Go back to the rope. Swing on it, and go across all the way. Go down the trail, save the game, get the item on your right, and then head up the path. After a short distance you'll reach a small open area with a lot of bugs in it.

Kill the bugs. Then break down the boulder with a UT and then jump down.

As you run through this green slimy area, you will eventually encounter a sub boss. Basically it just runs through the big open area. You can dodge it by going into one of the side rooms before it hits you. You can tell it is coming because the ground will start shaking before it hits you. I beat it by charging up a UT and releasing it just a little bit before the boss hits me. If you hit it before it runs into you, it will stop and try to put up a fight for a little bit. Once you kill it, run to the end of the area and drop down. Then go and save the game.