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Ninja Gaiden II Walkthrough SUBMIT OR DIE - Part 1

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Go through the first area, get the chest at the start, and the one before you go inside. Then go into a passageway, save then keep going. You might want to save again after fighting the dogs. Once you get to the two story area with a fountain in the center, go into the building on your left.

There is a Muramasa shop in there. Once you go to the next area, there will be a short scene showing that there are land mines on the ground. To get past the mines, walk on the footsteps in the snow.

Eventually you will see a skull to the left of you.

Before you get it, shoot the turrets with your bow. Once you get through this area, go through the gate and save the game. Then go through the door into the building. Go through the door to the right of the entrance to get to the next area.

Once you get up to the room with bells in it, hop up to that metal bar, and go into the area on the left first.

Get the item off the dead guy, then hop back on the bar and go into the area that was on your right. First go out the window.

Get the key in the other room, then go back and open the door.

As you descend the stairway, get the skull that's next to one of the sets of candles.

In the room you go into to, open that strange looking thing and hop down it.

Once you get to the area with the train in it. Get the chest, then go into the train. There is a skull in this train as well as a key item to continue. Get those items then leave the train. Climb the stairs out of the subway. Use the ID card you got to get into the room. Save the game, then go outside to start your sub boss fight.