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Ninja Gaiden II Walkthrough THE FLYING FORTRESS DAEDALUS - Part 2

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Right next to where you dropped down is a chest containing arrows, another chest, a dead guy with incendiary shuriken, and a dead guy with a new weapon! Go into the next room. There is a chest near the start of the next room. Further down you will see some rubble to your right, get the skull in it.

Once you get through this room, you'll notice that you are in the area you started from. Kill the robots, use the green lighted machine to continue.

Once you get through this area, you will be outside and there will be some turrets overhead. You can shoot the turrets, or just run past them. Climb up onto the other side, go through the door, and save the game. Run through the next two rooms. Go across the glass walkway.

A movie scene will begin and the part of the ship you were just on will blow up. Once you get through the next two doors, another movie scene will start. Afterwards, go across the glass walkway, through the engine room, and then through a narrow room. Once you reach the Muramasa shop, buy any healing things you don't have. Go outside, destroy the turrets, climb up the stairs on the other side and save.

Once you go through the door next to the save point, you will start the chapter 7 boss fights. There are 2 final bosses for this chapter, make sure you save some ninpo for the second boss. When you beat the second boss, it will explode a few seconds afterward. The only way I know of surviving this is either using your ninpo right before he explodes, or having a Talisman of Rebirth equipped. I would suggest using your ninpo since it's much cheaper.