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Ninja Gaiden II Walkthrough HEART OF DARKNESS - Part 2

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After you save, run out into the open area with a bunch of big worm guys. In the corner of the area is a skull.

Go up the trail a ways and you will see a dead guy. Take the weapon from him. You basically have every weapon now. A little further and you will reach an area with alligator like monsters in the water.

To kill these creatures attack their stomach, use the spear gun, or use ninpo. On the right of this body of water is a little bit of land with a tree on it.

Go inside the tree and get the item. Then turn around and finish crossing the water. Now save the game, go to Murumasa’s shop and hopefully max out all your weapons. Then go do the Test of Valor. After you finish, go to the gate and proceed.

You now have to kill every monster in this area, including the ones that appeared in the water again, in order to get passed that wall. Then go through, dive under water and go through the path under there. Once you go a short ways on land again, this movie scene will start.

In that body somewhat small body of water, there is a skull underwater near the bank.

As you go further down the path, it will start to get rocky. A little further and you will come into a big open area where you now fight the chapter 9 boss. You are supposed to range these guys of course. They always do attacks one after the other, so if you know which one just attacked, then you know the other one will attack next. Knowing that should help you be able to evade their attacks.