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Ninja Gaiden II Walkthrough A TEMPERED GRAVESTONE

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Well you might notice that a lot of this level has parts from chapter 2. For starts, run all the way down the stairs. Don't forget to save along the way. Once you get to the bottom of the stairs, go around to the other side of this building.

Save, then go across the bridge. Then go up the trail next to the bridge doors.

Near the top of the trail, interact with the gravestone.

Now go back to the area where you got the rod of trials. Then use your newly acquired key to get into the other building.

Get the chests and the windmill shuriken. Then head back across the bridge, after you save again. Once you beat everyone in the big area, go through the newly open door.

Climb the ladder and go outside the window upstairs. Head down the path, as you start to leave the town, take a right.

All the way down this side path is a skull.

Now go out of the village. Save and go across the bridge.

When you get to the end of the path, go underwater to continue.

On the other side, you will notice a little hut at the start of the new path. Open it up to find another skull.

Fight your way to the top of the path, save it, then go do the test of valor inside the cave behind the save point.

Climb up next to the save point, go to the top of the building, then drop down through the hole in the room.

Now go outside the building, and jump down the well.

Get the item off the dead guy, then go all the way down to the bottom of the area. At the very bottom head toward the path toward the mountain. Go through into the small area at the end to find another skull.

Now climb all the way back up to the top, and hop up out of the well. Now go to the rope, jump up and grab it, and go across it.

Save and go down the trail. After fighting your way down the path for a while, a movie scene will start. After the scene, save and go down the path. Once you reach a Muramasa shop, go to the right and get the item off the dead guy. Then continue on to the left of the shop.

Once you get to the big open area with a lot of swords in the ground, get the item off the dead guy on the right side of the area.

Just a little further down the path and it's the chapter 11 boss fight.