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Payday 2 Walkthrough Jewellery Store

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Welcome to my Payday 2 Guide. I will be detailing how to beat all the heists with my personal routes. Most heists can be done in multiple ways, and my ways aren't necessarily the best ones, just how I do them. Disclaimer: Payday 2 is being actively updated and changed. In the future an update may change how a map is played or how a skill works, which may in turn render parts of this guide incorrect. All information in this guide is correct at the time of writing, but please note it may not be when you read it.

Welcome to Jewellery Store. First things first, walk around the back of the store via one of the two alley ways while in casing mode.

Around the back of the store there is normally 1 to 2 security guards. Wait until one moves out of sight of everyone else and then...

...Mask up and take out the guard! If you plan to do this stealth, you'll need a Silencer on your weapon, otherwise everyone in the map will hear the gunshot and you'll go loud.

Don't go anywhere after killing him though, as all cops, guards and FBI have pagers that will go off when they die. You'll need to answer it when it does go off. There is a helpful skill that allows you to answer 4 pagers before the alarm is tripped, but without it you can't answer more than 2.

Once the back is clear, pick your way into the windows on the right of the building (from the front). Walk up to the window and pick it open, or smash it open with a melee.

Normally there is a safe where that cabinet is that requires you to place a drill on it. Drills take a while to open a safe, and sometimes break and need to be started again. They are also noisy, so be ready to dispatch anyone who comes to investigate.

Most of the time there is a guard who walks around inside too. He'll eventually walk around into this room or come to investigate the drill noise. When he does, take him out if you still have a pager left.

Once the drill is done, loot the safe and then bolt over to the left. Yell at the two civs in here to get down and then cable tie them.

Then charge out into the main room and get everyone on the ground. If you still have cable ties, tie as many people as you can, and shoot the rest.

If you have one, placing an ECM down will prevent civs and guards from calling the police. This will cover you while you get everyone down. Don't forget about the people out on the streets!

Once you've got everyone down or dead, it's time to start looting! Break the glass cases in the front room with a melee or a bullet and loot the stuff underneath. You only need to get the bigger pieces that get put into bags to win.

If you want some extra cash though, you can pick up all the loose items and the necklaces on the shelves.

After you've bagged all the good loot and grabbed all the small pieces you want, start taking and throwing the bags into the van outside.

Finally, once you've gotten the minimum amount of bags needed, you can escape by getting everyone to stand in the escape zone.

You'll get rewarded with the money and experience you earned...

...and a card game to get some bonus cash, weapon mods or masks.