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Payday 2 Walkthrough Mallcrasher

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Welcome to the Mall, filled with so much glass! Today's mission is to smash as much of it as you can!

But first, for those looking for cash, there are a few ATMs in the front full of money.

Head into the main area for the mall and start breaking glass as fast as you can! Everything, Windows, Glass Doors, the walkway railings. Most glass breaks in one melee swing, but needs 2 bullets if you're shooting.

If you have grenades from the DLC or the suitcase, they are a great way to clear a lot of glass out fast! Best used early on when big amounts of glass are still intact near each other.

There's glass everywhere to be broken, don't forget about the glass ceilings or any of the high windows!

Another note for those who are hungry for money, the Jewellery store has some stuff you can grab, and there is normally a few safes behind counters in some shops.

Once you break enough stuff, the Helicopter will start flying towards the mall. Escape will be available when it arrives, so exit with any loot you found.