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Payday: The Heist Walkthrough Slaughterhouse

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Firstly, do not waste your ammo shooting nothing. Just go down stairs and wait for the enemy out from their vehicle.

Clear this area and proceed.

Shoot this cable for a few times.

Plant an explosive.

Set up drill here. Then, you have to stay alive and defend this area. Always check the drill and keep it running.

Gold! Take it fast. :D

Don't forget about the gold bag. Then, go hide the bag here.

The worst part starts now. More and more police will come. Stick together and keep calm. Find a place to take cover and make sure you have health and ammo bag here. You must find a way and chance to get the gasoline.

At least, two people is needed to take the gasoline.

Place the gasoline here.

Then, the fire will start.

Next, to prepare a trap. You must take another gasoline.

Pour the gasoline at the place shown in the game.

Now, more police will come after you. Keep together and beware of snipers and special forces. They will send more during this time.

After a few moments, you can set the trap. While the others cover your back.

Stay alive for a little longer. Your next objective is escape, so be patience. :)

When the objective changed to escape, don't think more just run towards this opened doors.

Keep running until you reach the end points. [Mission Completed]