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Payday: The Heist Walkthrough Green Bridge

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When the mission started, quickly go to the destination point indicated by the orange ! mark. Your current task is to find a chinese guy to escort him out from this place.

You have to set up three drills at three different vehicle. You must frequently check the drills and restart it if the drill stops. Tip: Three players defending in front while another one check all drills and restart it if necessary.

If the drill finished, check the prisoners inside that vehicle to find the chinese guy. It will glow in orange if it correct. If not, he maybe in another vehicle. Do the same until you find that guy.

This is the guy you looking for.

Force him to move to the rooftop of the building, indicated in the game. You must force him or else he won't moving any further.

If he won't move any steps, you have to clear the area first. At least, kill nearby police then try again.

At this time, be careful with snipers. Always take cover when getting shot from nowhere. Then, try to find the sniper location and kill him.

Remember to clear all snipers before escape. You can't survive if snipers see you. Only few shots and you will be lying on the ground, how you gonna escape? ;)

When the chinese guy has been fetched by the plane, now it's your turn to escape. Beware of police and snipers!

If you kill the snipers, you can just run to the escape point. Just run and try to avoid police, if they shooting at you, kill them and continue running.

Don't miss this stairs. Sometimes we just run but forget about the stairs. xD This is the way to victory.

Once you in this area. You'll be safe. Just wait for others to end this mission. [Mission Completed]