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Portal 2 Walkthrough Chapter 2

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This one is simple, Place a portal under the laser and the other portal above the receiver so the laser goes in. Be sure to stand on the moving platform before connecting it.

Jump over the laser and grab the cube by using portals. This cube will redirect a laser that's pointed at it. Place the cube so that it redirects the laser into the receiver. Go up the stairs and use portals to get the cube up the platform with you.

Get the redirection cube onto the platform that rose out of the ground and redirect the lower laser with the cube. Then, use portals to connect the second laser to the other receiver.

Place a portal on the white surface after entering the test, and portal across to the button. From there, place the portal you DIDN'T place to the left of the door on the laser to make the platform start moving. Take the cube on the platform to get to the exit (be sure to jump the laser).

Time for Aerial Faith plates, stepping on them will send you flying in a controlled arch. Use them to jump to the other side and press the button to drop a cube. Use the Faith plates to jump across the room and catch the cube mid air for the button by the door.

Jump onto the faith plates to bounce across more faith plates all the way to the exit. Be sure to setup your portals on the two white ramps. Once on the other side press the button twice to get the cube, and drop it onto the button in the far corner with portals.

Oh look, the Companion Cube! Grab it and use it to block the laser, get on the moving platform, and the use portals to remove the cube from blocking the laser so you can go up.

Now that you're up top, use portals to get the cube up here too. Use portals to fling yourself (and the cube) to the button. Put your portal on the other ramp and fling up to the exit.

A new element is added, the fizzler! Just like the ones at the end of each test, these will reset your portals and destroy cubes. Using the hole in the glass, set up portals between the fizzler to get the cube (after pressing the button). Redirect the laser with the cube to open the door.