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Portal 2 Walkthrough Chapter 6

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Make your way through the ruined area with some help from your portal gun.

Pull the lever to get into the vault area. Once in, put portals in the two lever rooms so you can pull both of them in the time limit. Then head into the vault.

Portal into the broken door and keep going.

Get up high and fling yourself through the Aperture logo using the ramp to progress.

Take the elevator up, place your portal on the ramp in the distance, and then fling yourself by jumping down the elevator shaft.

Welcome to the Alpha tests! Turn on the switch and make your way forward into some proper puzzles.

New element, Blue jumpy gel! Use it to jump across to the white walls. Portal up to the platform and jump across to the exit. Press the button there, get the cube and put it on the other button.

Time to fling with the blue gel. Put a portal on the white wall in front of the blue gel and the other on the wall above the moving platform with the cube. Jump on the blue gel through the portal onto the moving platform to get the cube. Put the cube on the button to flip a new white wall. Fling from the new white wall to get to the next bit.

Jump sideways on the blue gel on the walls to zig zag to the cube. Grab it and do the same thing to get back. Put the cube on the second button to flip a new white wall. Fling from that wall to get to the exit.

Portal up the pillars onto the catwalk and then into the next test chamber.

First cover as much of the chamber is blue gel as you can, it really helps. Then, bounce up the stairs with the gel and jump towards the fizzler field. Use blue gel to get up top with the ramp.

Use the ramp to fling some blue gel at the end of the ramp. Then fling yourself out the ramp as well by jumping down for the high ledge. You should bounce to the end safely.

Use the blue gel to fling yourself up to press the button, then quickly use portals to throw some blue gel from the white wall at the back so you can jump up. Do this quickly or the water will turn back on and remove the gel.

Shoot the blue gel from the ramp onto the wall, and then fling yourself through the ramp to the exit.

Shoot a portal under the blue gel from the test chamber bellow and use it to setup a fling in the next area.

Portal the blue gel into the room with the cube so it breaks out. Wash the cube with water and put it on the button. Stand on the elevator and portal some blue gel near the cube so it bounces off the button.

Alpha tests completed! Portal over the Beta tests now.

Portal up the a high ledge and get yourself into the fling in the picture above. While midair, change the portal you aren't about to land on to the white wall at the back. You will fling to the rooms above, activate the gels and continue.