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Portal 2 Walkthrough Chapter 8

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Make your way into Wheatley's test room through the vent and place the Franken-cube on the button.

Get ready for Wheatley's self made test chamber, this is going to be hard! ...Oh wait, you just push the button.

Use the funnel to get up the top, and to get across to the cube. Take the cube down the bottom and place the funnel under the button and the cube in the funnel. It will float up and hold the button.

Use the funnel and portals to make your way across the room and to the button. Press that to drop a cube. Do the same trick with the cube from last room to hold it on the button with the funnel.

Get across to the other side of the room with the funnel, then use it to catch and bring you the cube from the dropper (by pressing the button). Move the funnel so it catches you when you use the faith plate, then jump out the side of the funnel into the first side of the room. Use the funnel to get up to the roof with the cube, and line the funnel up with the button. Jump out in front of the door and let the cube press the button.

Use the funnel to push the turret away, and then use it to bring you the cube. Put the cube on the button so the pull of the funnel reverses. Now use the funnel to get over the other side of the room, remove the cube and then push you up to the exit.

Place the funnel in the middle of the room and use the faith plate to get caught in it. Wait until you hit the roof, then move the portal that isn't under you to the ramp and get flung to the exit. Push the button and set the same up for the cube. Put the cube on the pressure button and exit.

Move the bridge over by the fizzler so when you press the button for the cube, it isn't destroyed. move the bridge over by the walkway near the exit and take the faith plate. Walk around and down to the turret area. Use the bridge to assist you in getting the cube on the button. Get out of the ditch and faith plater up to the walkway again and take the exit.

Get the funnel on the white wall on the ground by the faith plate and float up to the ceiling. Then put the portal on the ramp to fling yourself to the cube. Block the laser with the cube, then put both portals on both ramps and take the faith plate to get the redirection cube. redirect the laser into a portal that leads to the receiver, and leave the normal cube on the white wall below the button. Get on the first platform, knock the redirection cube out of the laser, set the funnel up under the normal cube. Move to the second platform and then cancel the funnel.

Point the laser into different receivers for different things. The low one will move the platform while the high one will disable the deadly laser wall. Get on the moving platform and make it to the other side. Line the platform up underneath the dropper and press the button. Get back onto the platform and move it to the other side again with the cube. Have a laser shoot in your direction and use the cube to shoot it back at the receiver by the door. Get back over to the ground and exit.

Press the button by the dropper to have it drop a cube on a platform. Stand on the pressure button to turn on the funnel. Set it up so it pushes the cube of the platform and then catches it and brings it to you. Portal in through the circle in the glass and leave the cube on that button for now.

Use the funnel to carry the speed gel over the room and drop it to make a runway. Go get the cube and leave it on the funnel button. Go to the edge of the map with the exit and place your funnel so it catches you and sends you to the exit. Run off the ramp and into the funnel to be taken to the exit.

Portal over to the button and set the funnel up underneath the dropper. Press the button the catch the gel in the funnel and jump in with it. Once you get to the other side, jump out before and gel splatters. Stand on the button to send it back through the portal, and when most is through, change the funnel so it goes over the turrets and stand off the button. Release the funnel when the gel is over them to fling them off, then press the button on the other side of the glass. Use the funnel to carry you up to the roof, then place your portal on the new white wall to fling yourself with help from the gel to the exit.

Only two more chambers until Whealtey's surprise! You're safe for now, so jump on the faith plate to- oop, looks like you get to see your surprise early!