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Portal 2 Walkthrough Chapter 9

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Put a portal up by the balcony, and when some white gel lands on a black ramp, put the other portal there. Once the white gel has landed at your feet, portal out of there before Wheatley kills you!

After some simple puzzles along the walkway, you get back into rooms worth writing about. Grab the funnel and use to the get rid of the proper turrets, then take it yourself across into the other room. Drop out before you get crushed and get to the door.

Now take the new funnel and fly out through the door. Switch the funnel position when possible to dodge the smashing plate Wheatley is using to kill you.

A pipe will crush your way, just use the newly created blue gel to jump the gap.

Now you'll enter a room with a ton of turrets. Portal up to the white wall above the shattered glass. From there you can portal blue gel through the big white wall next to all the turrets to knock them over. Then just take the faith plate over to the next railing.

Shoot your portal through the broken window so when you push the button, the bombs break open the white gel and you can portal out.

Jump on the belt and move forward for- OH NO IT'S PULLING YOU BACKWARDS. Stay calm and jump across to the other railway. After that, break open the speed gel with the bombs and cover the belt with it. Then just run along the gel and into your portal on the far end.

Setup the speed gel to launch yourself into the funnel. Get ready for story!

Oh shit son, it's Boss battle time! Wheatley knows all your tricks and she's made a fool proof plan to destroy you! First, hide behind the white gel tube so when he starts throwing bombs, the white gel gets everywhere.

Set a portal on one of the surfaces above him, and one right in front of you. He will throw a bomb through your portal and into himself. Portal up to the upper area and grab the first core. Put him on Wheatley by jumping in the Blue gel.

Now he will keep his shields up, so put the second portal underneath him. After hitting him, jump from the higher area and grab the second core and attach it.

Now he's got underneath and all forward angles covered. This mean's his ass in unprotected though. Do the same thing as the first time, but make sure he's facing the right way. Use the speed gel to grab the last core and attach it.

I'm going to stop here, as the rest is story heavy and very easy. Once you've finished this, you've now beaten Portal 2!