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Power Rangers Super Legends Walkthrough Mighty Morphin - Part Two

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Cross flowers when they are close.

Smash wall.

Go upwards.

Go down and move forward.

Go to upper location.

Jump on upper place.

Smash, use drop-down attack.

Press button and go upward.

Open and enter.

Defeat everyone.

Go upward when flower is off.

Use dash-air attack.

Go upward.

Go forward and jump.

Go down.

Jump and move as fast you can.

Go down and enter.

Defeat everyone.

Go dowanward.

Use these two lifts.

Go down.

Go upward.

Open and enter.

Defeat them and

Come back to center location.

Defeat and use side location to save ranger after killing them.

Open and enter.

keep moving

Fight with golder again.

kill them.

Attack golder.

Block golder's attack and attack.

Golder defeated again.