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Power Rangers Super Legends Walkthrough Space Patrol Delta - Part One

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Use enemies to go upper hidden places.

Go up.

Jump to next location.

Go uppward and

Jump to platform.

Sit down to save from lesers

Use next platform to go upward.

Find hidden letters.

Open and enter.

First go upward.

Defeat everyone.

Use airattack to defeat enemies in air.

Use dash to jump over lesers.

Jump on wall and jump again.

Press button and go downward.

Cross lesers one by one when they up.

Go upward.

Go down to platform.

Jump to next place.

Jump over lesers.

Use dash for wall then go to platform and jump back.

Cross the lesers using different movement on platform.

Move fast to next platform.

Open and enter.

Go down and

Defeat all enemies.

To save from electricity

Move as fast you can.

Press all button and come back to lift quickly.

Jump over upper platform and move fast.

Open and enter.

Defeat all enemies.

Fight with lcthior.


Defeat them.

When he attack stay away.

Save from attack.

Lcthior defeated.