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Prince of Persia Walkthrough Boss The Concubine

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After you completely beat one of the bosses, all of the bosses are set to their max difficulty. So I'm going to just give you the details, when they are as hard as they can get.

Walk up to the fertile ground and press triangle.

The Concubine will grab Elika, and bind her in shadow.

This chick is royally annoying.

She does this little flick of her wand thing. She will counter your attack and hit you back with it no matter how far you are away from her. It's a huge annoyance.

She's pretty tough, but not all that bad. Just like every other boss you fight here, you have to grind her down.

She has a really quick attack that pick you up and throw you. Once you've fought her long enough you will start to counter these.

After she throws you, you will be laying on the ground. She will try to finish you off. Luckily she takes her time on these, and you've got a lot more time to respond.

She will cover herself with corruption. When she does this attack with Elika. That should be the only time you attack her with Elika. She likes to put Elika on her back side, so attack her mainly with the Prince.

Here is another one of her special attacks. She will send a spout of corruption to hit you. If you are fast enough you can counter this.

Here's another shot of her trying to throw you. I already mentioned this above, but I found a better picture so I thought I would add it again.

Make sure you do not attack her with Elika when she looks like this. She will knock her out. If this happens, just walk over to Elika to wake her up.

Occasionally she will hammer you with blows. Just pound square when she does this. This battle is pretty easy once you start being able to recognize what she is going to do. Once you know what the start of each of her moves looks like, she is really easy.

Here's one more mode she goes in to where you do not want to attack her with Elika.