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Prince of Persia Walkthrough Into the Storm Temple 2

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You'll have to fight one of the shadow creatures now. Which is actually harder than the boss you just took down. Attack is always better than defense. If the guy you are fighting is hammering you with blows, just block them until they stop. When you go on the offensive just keep attacking.

You can press the triangle button to bring Elika in to attack. If you use her and the prince to combo together, you will do lots of damage.

Try to press this guy up against a nearby wall, and then combo with the prince and Elika. That is the quickest way to take them out.

Jump a couple of the small gaps in front of you.

Then wall run, and jump at the end of your run.

You will wall run again, and then grab some nearby handholds.

Move to the left as far as the hand holds will let you.

After you run up the nearby ramp, you will encounter another shadow creature.

Take him out just like you did the last one.

Then grab the door ring.

The floor will be collapsing here. Jump the gap in the middle.

Then wall run to the left.

Wall run to the right, and jump at the end of this wall run.

Then jump another small gap in the middle.

Now you've got a large gap at the end you need to cross. Jump the gap, and press triangle to have Elika help you across.

We will call this double jumping from now on.