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Prince of Persia Walkthrough Into the Storm

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Welcome to our walkthrough for the Prince of Persia game written for the PS3.

This game starts off when a girl jumps off of a cliff and lands on top of you.

Follow her.

You've got a couple of gaps to jump across.

Then you've got to wall run.

Do it again as you continue following her.

Jump the next gap.

Then wall run. At the end of your wall run press X to jump across to the ledge.

A couple of guards will be attacking the girl you have been following. Of course, you join the battle. These guards are very easy to take down.

You have to climb up the sides of a narrow gap. Run directly at one of the walls, and then press the X button to jump across to the other side.

Keep pressing X until you have reached the top.

Do another wall run with a jump at the end of it.

Now you've got a wall run followed by a jump.

When you hit the other side you will perform another wall run.

The girl you were following will save your bacon, and you end up carrying her.

Fight off another guard, and continue on your way.

You'll have to jump a small gap.

Then you'll have another wall run with a jump at the end.

Wall run again.

Then wall run once more with a jump at the end.

When you hit the other side you will automatically wall run again.

You'll have two guards come at you now. They'll come one at a time, and you beat them one at a time.

When you've taken care of both of them, you will wall grab down the cliff. You do this by walking off the edge and then holding R2.