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Prince of Persia Walkthrough Kings Gate Ruined Citadel

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Press the select button on your controller to open up your map.

Scroll over to one of the nearby dots, and press X to select it. I started with the left most dot here, and I would suggest you do the same. Then exit the map mode.

You can have Elika send a stream of light off in the direction you need to go by pressing triangle. Do this and go the same direction the blue light went.

You will eventually come to a large gap you have to double jump to cross.

Grab the nearby handholds and move to the right.

Continue forward, you will come to a ring on a wall. Wall run up to it, and then press the circle button to reach the top.

Now there is a small gap you have to cross here. Jump across and the prince will climb to the top of that ledge.

Wall run to the ring on the wall to your left. When you get to the ring press the circle button.

Jump across to the flag pole. Then press X to jump to the next ledge.

You've got a series of rings in the wall here. Climb the wall and then press circle when you reach each ring.

You will have two flag poles here. Jump across them.

Walk out on to the beam, and then jump across to the nearby wall.

Use the handholds to climb up the wall. When you can go no further press the X button to climb to the ledge above.

Jump across the wooden beams.

Now climb up to the wooden beam above you.

Wall run up to the hand holds that are above you. Then move around them to the right.

When you can go no further, press X. You will wall run to the next set of hand holds.

Move around them to the right.

Climb up on to the ledge here. Here you will have a wooden beam, a flag pole, and then another wooden beam to cross.

Jump over to the nearby column. Then jump from the column to the next platform by pressing X.

Climb the wall to grab the vines above. Elika will jump on your back. Crawl across the vines to the left

You will have two columns you need to cross. Go ahead and make your way past them.

Wall run to the vines that are hanging on the wall. When you can go no farther on the vines, press the X button while going to the left. You will wall run to the next platform.

Jump to the next column and climb to the top of it. Jump to the next platform from there.

Climb the next column. At the top of it press X to scamper across the ceiling to the ring.

When you get to the ring press the circle button, so you can make it to the next platform.

There are two wooden beams you need to cross.

Then a couple of columns.

The wall is not straight, but you can still wall run to the vines that are hanging from it.

Climb around the wall, and then up. You will be able to reach the next platform when you press the X button.