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Prince of Persia Walkthrough Queens Tower City of Light

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Start in the Tower of Ahriman City of Light.

Jump across to the wooden wall and start your slide down.

Slide down the system of slides and walls.

Then slide down the side of the building to the floor.

Slide down the wall to the ring in the corner.

Use the ring to flip to the column. Then use the column to get to the floor.

Jump the gap to the next platform, and then to the next one.

Double jump to the hand holds on the wall.

Wall run up to the next set of hand holds on this wall.

Wall run out, and then jump to the slide.

There's a series of slide, wall, slide, slide.

With a double jump to a platform with a shadow on it at the end.

When you get the ground take the shadow creature out.

Jump across to the hand holds in the wall.

Climb up to the next set of hand holds above you.

When the glob of shadow moves out of the way, wall run out. Then jump to the slide.

Wall run to the next slide, and then double jump to the Queen's Tower platform.

Jump across to the green pressure plate in the wall, and use it.

You will bounce off of a TON of pressure plates here. Don't run in to anything. I'm not going to go through it in detail, because you just keep running forward.

Double jump across the corruption here, and use the next pressure plate. You will eventually come to a platform that is outside. Wall run out to the ring to get to the next pressure plate.

After that you will be in another battle with the warrior. So go read the Boss The Warrior section.