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Prince of Persia Walkthrough Warrior's Fortress City of Light

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Start in the City of Light.

Wall run twice to the blue pressure plate, and use it.

Climb up to the platform above you.

Jump across the flag pole, wooden beam, flag pole, and slide to get to the next platform.

Jump to the wall and the use the green pressure plate.

You are going to be bouncing from pressure plate to pressure plate with one platform thrown between. Just keep going and try not to run in to anything.

Eventually you will be where you have to be to fight the warrior.

There is an edge you can stand by on this platform. Go stand by it.

The warrior will come up to you, and eventually try to give you the boot.

When he does this, get behind him.

Now it's your turn to push him over the edge. Pound the square button.

He will slip over the edge.

And then he comes back, all fire and brimstone. Well he looks all fire and brimstone anyways.

This part is really easy. Just hold down R2 and back away from him.

He's on fire so he will take damage while he is walking around.

The sides of the platform will start to fall away giving you less room to run. This guy is really slow so you will have no problems.

In the end the flames will go out, and he will pick you up and throw you to the next platform.

You end up carrying Elika to the next pressure plate.

Wall run to the pressure plate, and use it.

Run down this walk way. The stone will crumble away in front of you. Jump or double jump over the gaps that appear.

You will reach a long slide at the end. Use it to finish this section.