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Project IGI 1 Walkthrough Mission 14 - Finding T

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Move Forward.

Get Into this room.

Picup all guns and LAW.

Go into this way.

Get into the lift.

Move forward and kill enemy.

Operate computer and go back to location where we picked guns.

Be carefull to open gate , their are 2-4 enemy outside.

Destroy tank using LAW.

Enter into this tunnle.

Pick gun from inner room.

Go to open way.

There two enemy kill them first and get in.

Turn off all automatic machine guns.

Kill enemy and


Reprogramm all machine guns.

Go down and do not worry about machine guns they will kill only enemy guard.

Get int tunnle.

Go left.

Open gate and kill enemy.

Use lift to go another location.

Move forward.

Move towards open gate.

Kill both enemy and go in.

Use this way to move forward.

Kill enemy guard and go down.

Use this way.

Go to upper room.

Make coolent system online.

Exit from this way.

When you see EKK.

Kill EKK.

Protect ANYA. And with this game completed.