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Project IGI 1 Walkthrough Mission 12 - Eagle's N

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Kill your first enemy.

Open and enter.

Go forward.

Press button and use lift to go up.

First kill guard located in side and get out from lift.

Be carefull from upper enemy guards.

Go into second compound.

Go to this wall corner.

Use stairs to go up.

Go to this direction.

Go downward.

Go in and kill enemy 3 to 4.

Get into this house.

Go up to this corner wall.

Go forward and go down.

Go toward this wall corner.

Now go to this wall corner and go down.

Go into this underground room.

Kill all enemy in underground room.

Exit from room.

Be carefull with guards and kill all of them.

Go in.

Kill guard and exit from lift.

Go to upper room.

Mission complete.