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Puzzle Quest 2 Walkthrough Advanced

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Certain objectives may have tasks that needs to be fulfilled before they can be accomplished. Here, we have a door in our way. And we need to bash it down within 22 turns.

To do this, simply combine gems as usual..

And special door "gems" will appear.

Line them up..

And the door will sustain damage.

This being an adventure game, treasure is of course present. However, treasure chests are far from ordinary.

Much like the door bashing challenge, treasure chests are opportunities for you to grab as much gold and items as possible before a set amount of turns.

Scoring 5 of a kinds will spawn the most sought-after thing, rare chests.

4 of a kind will only spawn normal chests that only have things such as leather in them.

As you play, blocks will fill up from the bottom, progressively limiting your playing field and deleting any bottom blocks/chests/gold piles.

Making as much of a bang as possible in short turns is essential here..

As not doing so will end up with the rare chests you worked so hard for be consumed by the stone. Here, however, I managed to score 4 rare chests in a row and got an epic item for it.