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Puzzle Quest 2 Walkthrough End Notes

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The game also allows you to have several ways of going about things. Here for example, we have a door. We can either bash it open as demonstrated earlier, use an unlocking spell which we don't have at the moment or pick a lock. Which we are proficient at

Picking a lock may seem initmidating at first but It gets real easy as long as you know the jist of it.

Scoring things such as four of a kinds will only end up extending your time here.

The real objective here is to focus on the very bottom of the screen, whereas you have in this case, two "gems" that needs to be matched up for the door to unlock.

You can only bring two similar gems down ontop of it as It wont move no matter what so just wiping the gems above until this happens is the basic strategy here.

Get enough lucky and score 4 and you may even get a heroic effort. This is sadly quite rare however.

That, however, concludes our guide for Puzzle Quest 2. Remember, strategy and planning is key! Best of luck and good hunting!