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Quake Live Walkthrough Game Modes - Duel

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Loadouts are disabled in this game mode.

Now, I like this game mode a lot. None of the other FPS' have it either. It's you vs. another person with several minutes to duel it out.

Since you have very limited firepower, go around to collect tthe different guns to defeat your opponent with.

Now we wait to see him. Oh he's right there!

Kills are the points you earn. Get the most points and you win.

If it's just you and him in the server, expect hours of deja vu.

That wraps up just about everything.

Last thing, if you want to try the training center and exit the game (my friend didnt know this was how you close the game), click on this gear and one of the options will be "Training Center". Well, I hope you enjoy this game and that this walkthrough helped. Game on!