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Race The Sun Walkthrough The Beginning

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Use the left and right arrow keys to steer your ship away from obstacles.

These blue pickups are called 'Tris' and add points to your score.

Gameplay is pretty simple, go as far as you can getting as much score before your solar powered skip runs out of energy, or...

Or you crash into something and explode.

After dying, you'll be presented with this screen. Here you can see some Objectives to complete and unlock new stuff. Complete them to get points into leveling up.

Getting the first level should be easy, just play 2 rounds and score at least 4000 in one round. This will unlock you the helpful Booster.

Boosters will turn back time and keep the sun in the sky a little bit longer, allowing you to last longer and get a better score.

The last of the original 3 objectives is to get 2 perfect regions. This means to complete a region without hitting anything.

At level 3 you'll unlock a score multiplier. Collecting 5 Tris will increase it, and colliding will greatly chop it down.

I'll be skipping basic objectives such as 'Reach this distance' or 'Collect 10 Tris' as they're simple enough. You should get to Level 4 pretty easily to unlock the Jump powerup.

The green Jump powerup will allow you to jump when you press the Spacebar. This is a onetime use though.

Use it to soar out of the way of obstacles and dodge an otherwise unavoidable death.

Level 5 brings you your first Attachment, the Magnet! This will pick things up from a fair range around you.

Head into 'Configure Ship' to equip and change attachments.

Level 6 will start you with a 2x score multiplier, but around here you should be getting interesting missions like Collide with objects.

Collisions are when you turn into an object from the side, but bounce off instead of exploding and dying. Although this first objective can be done by crashing 4 times.

Another fun objective you should have by now is to do some barrel rolls. To do one, get into a sharp turn by holding down in one direction…

And then turning the opposite direction. If you were turning the original direction hard enough, you'll change directions with a cool flip.

Once you hit level 7 you'll start seeing portals scattered around the world. Take one of these to travel to another world for a region. I'll point one out later when I see one.

Another really fun objective you should have now is 'Only turn left'. Fun, but not as easy as it sounds. Try to keep turning left at a reasonable speed so you have more chance to react.

Beat that and you should hit level 8, which gives you another attachment to carry 2 Jumps at once. You can only equip one attachment at a time though, so pick wisely for the objective you're doing!

Here's one of the portals you unlocked earlier. I missed going into it, but you get sent into a different world. In there, it's easier to survive and there's tons of Tris. Look for one to get big scores.

Performing double jumps is very easy when you can carry two, but you can do it even without it. Simply jump just before a Jump pickup and collect it by the beacon.

Enter a portal and you'll end up flying through an Asteroid Field in space! Everything is pretty spacious so you're not likely to hit anything and die, and there's no need for sun here. Think of it as a bonus around with a ton of Tris, and an easier pass through a region.

Hitting level 9 rewards you with another pickup scattered around the world, a shield.

If you crash while holding onto a Shield, an emergency portal will be created right in front of you, and you'll fly out unharmed high above where you crashed. One time use, though.

Level 10 will net you a third attachment, which allows you to last without light longer. At this point, you've pretty much got the basics of gameplay down.