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Collecting Boosters while in the air is as simple as it sounds. Run into the Beacon of a Booster while in air from a jump or ramp to have it count.

Level 11 will unlock a new game mode, Apocalypse. Choose this from the main menu to try an even harder map. Do note that objectives can be completed in it.

At this point in the campaign you'll start to see repeats of objectives with slight variations or changed numbers, such as only turn right.

You only get a 3x base multiplier when you hit level 12, but now you should have an objective to beat 1 round in Apocalypse mode, so let's try that.

Apocalypse is a much faster and more difficult version of normal play with nukes crashing all over the place. Fly into a while explosion to be blinded for a few precious seconds and likely crash.

Surviving a single region in Apocalypse is quite the challenge, without no Boosters you can JUST make it.

Level up to 13 though, and you'll be able to equip multiple attachments, which is extremely helpful.

Get through some more boring objectives like traveling an overall distance in air or collecting 4 boosters in one region and you'll get a Decal for your ship. Apply it in Configure ship.

At level 15 you'll get an attachment to hold onto a second emergency portal if you wish to equip it. Each time you level up now, you'll also get a Decal. Feel free to express yourself!

A trick to chain lots of barrel rolls together: After turning out to do the barrel roll, turn back into the direction you have momentum in. Repeat this to perform barrel rolls almost instant one after the other. Be careful where you're going though.

Level 16 will start putting Region warp pickups around the world now. Run into one to be instantly taken to the end of the Region. A Cheap way to get perfect regions and lasting long distances, sometimes not so great for some objectives and score.

Just as you unlock these region skips, you get an objective to skip two regions in 1 run. Fly right into the floating portal to instantly skip the region.

Scoring a certain score with no attachments is as simple as it sounds. Remove any attachments you have, and try to reach the score.

After doing so well with no attachments, level 17 will get you a new one. Fast turning allows you to start turning faster, allowing you to react better to oncoming traffic.

Level 18 only brings a starting multiplier boost to 4x though, so keep at it.

After some more repeat and boring objectives like jump 15 times, you'll level up to 19 and get the Max Jump Storage attachment. This replaces your old jump upgrade and allows you to carry 3.

Level 20 will upgrade your Shield attachment to hold 3 as well.

Finally following suit, level 21 will upgrade the pull of your magnet. Seem you're all powered up.

At this point you'll notice how out of order the objectives are now that you're getting really easy ones and how you get hard ones when you started. Level 22 allows you to put decals on both wings.

Clear out some more objectives to hit level 23 and finally be able to equip 3 attachments at once!

Nearly done, level 24 brings the base multiplier up to 5x.

Once you hit level 25, you'll get a better battery attachment, and have completed the game. Those last few objectives go away, and you're now free to score attack with everything unlocked!

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