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Saints Row: The Third Walkthrough 38 - Stilwater Blues

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Go to the store.

Then, drive to the restricted area.

When you enter this zone. Do not do something stupid (hit people, vehicle, etc). Drive properly and follow the road rules unless you wants to fail the mission.

Then, go to the VTOL and steal it.

Fly to the ship.

After the cutscene, follow Kia to prototype terminal.

Select two prototypes that you like.

Once your cover blown, kill all the enemies and find Brig.

Keep going and follow the blue waypoint.

Fire still the weakness of normal STAG soldiers.

Then, go to the security center to unlock the doors.

Again, you have to unlock the door manually for each of your friends.

After that, find the reactor down below.

In the reactor room, it'll be two snipers and few enemies. Just eliminate those snipers and you're good to go.

Shoot the console.

Then escape the ship quickly.

If you found a shield, grab it and just run to exit.

Notice that the aircraft outside here will automatically exploded.

Just steal the aircraft inside the hangar to end this mission. [END]