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Saints Row: The Third Walkthrough 37 - HTT

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Go to the mission location.

You'll be transfered into the virtual world. Walk further a bit.

Now, you've transformed to a better avatar. Clear the area.

Make you way to the firewall.

After you reach there, you've to play this game. Firstly, select "Take A Torch".

Select "Keep Walking".

""Keep Walking" again.

Select "Kill The Unicorn".

Now continue your journey.

Keep going until you reach the Anti-Virus.

Once there, protect yourself from enemies.

After that, you'll be playing another game.

Use the movement key as usual. Tip: Hide and shoot the green tank few times until it destroyed. No need to chase it.

Then, continue again like before to the Internet Security.

Defeat all enemies.

Go go the blue waypoint.

Now, you've to defeat the boss.

When he flying and start shooting, avoid it by run forward and jump.

Make sure that your hand fast enough to tap the key shown on-screen.

If he shoot on the ground, just avoid it to left/right depends on situation.

After a while, you'll get your own big avatar. Now just hack and slash the enemies and boss.

Again, your hand must fast tapping the key.

Lastly, decide which you like. [END]