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Section 8 Walkthrough Guardian

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At the mission start, you will need to run up a long road and into an enemy military base. Enter the second building to the right while avoiding enemy fire and capture the control point.

Once captured, hurry back outside and repair the nearby buildings your friendly soldiers damaged during the capture.

Prepare for enemies from above and hurry to the AA turret contorl panels.

You will need to hack several before the wave of enemies will stop.

They will be situationed all over the base. Follow your (!) icon and hurry to them.

After you have activated all of them, the enemy drop-ins will cease and you'll have to kill the remnants before the mission continues.

Supply at the depo..

And access the buy meny thorugh (B) and order in a tank.

Get in it and drive up ahead towards the next base.

There will be several turrets nearby. Take them out quickly or they will severely damage your tank, taking out your shields in 1-2 shots easily.

You will have several gunning positions available to you on the tank as you drive it such as LMG turrets, missiles and mortars accessed through (1), (2), (3) and (4). The main gun (1) works pretty well against all targets though.

Once you have cleaned out the base, head inside and capture the control point.

Once captured, enemies will swamp your location from all directions. Stay in the tank and keep a close eye on the control point or risk losing it.

If you have trouble keeping infantry off the CP (Control point), get out of the tank and stand next to it on foot. Your friendly soldiers will take your place in the tank instead.

After a few minutes, Operators (Heavy mechas) will suddenly storm the building from behind. Once that happens, run out of there. You will not be able to take them all down with your missile launcher before they kill you.

Dying at this part is normal. The mechas will come out of nowhere and shred you to pieces with deadly accuracy. After that point, you will drop back into the action after a few seconds, although enemy soldiers will probably have attempted to capture your control point before then.

In this case, tap (E) on the console and defuse their attempt while staying close to the point and shredding any other enemies that will try to stop you.

The fight will be fairly long so make sure to repair your friendly tank when needed by swapping to your tool kit.

After some more enemies are downed, the mission will end when the timer hits 0.