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Section 8 Walkthrough Cipher

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You'll get dropped down on a hill while having a rocketlauncher loadout, no logic there.

Once the dialog ends, jump down with your friendly NPC's and storm the military complex.

As usual, I recommend going up on a roof and picking any grunts you see off. They may randomly start to use their jetpacks in conjunction with you being on another altitude making them hard to hit, in this case, hit E while being aimed at them and your temporary "aimbot" function will kick in.

Once the first base is cleared, fly over the cliffs and move onto the next.

Hack all the terminals marked on your HUD..

And run towards the huge, circular "solar energy" construct with two pillaging towers in the middle.

Activate the bottom terminal..

Then quickly get up on the bridge and activate the other one.

An immense amount of enemies will spawn out of nowhere. You will be incredibly exposed at this point so simply run back to your rather thick-headed friendly AI for some fire support.

Once they're all dead, you can move up on the next base.

Access the consoles inside the buildings, guarded by 1-2 grunts..

Then go to the tallest building, housing a sensitive elevator.

Get up and establish the uplink.

More enemies will soon swarm you. Take this opportunity to heal beforehand.

Take out the last scraps of grunts and the mission will end.