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Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough Wood Creek Apartment Part 1

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Once inside Wood Creek you'll immediately see the wood creek map on the left side of the room and a health drink near the stairs. Grab them and head up the stairs. and enter the door on the second floor.

Kill the Lying figure that's lurking about and enter Room 205. I suggest that you kill all the enemies you find inside buildings. Since you're usually required to travel back and forth, killing them would lessen the damage and hassle that you have to go through.

Inside room 205 you'll see a mannequin wearing Mary's clothes. Take the flashlight from it and the creature behind it will start moving. Ironically these creatures are called Mannequins. Once it's dead head back out the apartment halls.

Continue going through the hallway until you hit the end of the hall. Turn right and enter room 210. Kill the Lying figure that's inside and grab the handgun bullets on top of the coffee table. Enter the bedroom on the right side and grab the another set of handgun bullets from the night stand, then exit the room.

Don't bother going through the end of the hallway after exiting room 210. All the doors are locked and there's a Mannequin and Lying figure duo waiting for you. Instead head back out the entry staircase and climb up the third floor.

Once you enter the third floor door, James will automatically look at something on the right side of the hall, beyond the iron bars. Come near it and you'll see that it's a key. Examine it and make James reach out for it and a small cutscene will play.

Head down the hall on the opposite side of the metal bars and enter room 301. Grab the handgun inside the shopping cart. Exit the room and back down to the second floor area.

Once you're at the second floor turn left and you'll hear a man scream. James will comment that it's coming from the north. Head down the hallway and...

You'll see this guy! fortunately he won't be able to touch you at the moment. So slowly back away and enter room 208.

You'll find a dead guy inside and you know who the culprit is. Aren't you glad about those metal bars now?

Grab the key that's on the one of the shelves on the cup board. It's the key for room 202. So head back out into the hallway, open your map and head for room 202.

Examine the door of room 202 and James will automatically use the key. Grab the health drink from tha kitchen counter and enter the bedroom on the right side. There's a hole in the wall. Let James investigate inside it and you'll obtain the clock key. Time to head back to room 208.