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Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough Introduction and the beginning

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Head out through the door as soon as the introduction and cutscene ends. The exit will be hidden behind an extension of the wall on the left side of the comfort room.

Another cutscene will play as soon as you leave the comfort room. Once the cutscene ends head towards James's car and grab the map of Silent Hill from the open car door.

Now head left and go down the set of stairs with the sign "Toluca Lake" written on it.

Follow the dirt road until you see this well. It's not very important and you won't get an item from it, but this will your first save point. Interact with it to save. Save points in Silent Hill 2 are red squares. Don't forget to keep an eye out for them.

Now continue heading back down the dirt road. It's pretty linear and you can't get lost. Enter through the gate at the end of it to enter the graveyard.

Walk forward until you see a girl crouching down in front of a tombstone. Approach her and a cutscene will play.

After the cutscene James will ask her for directions and she'll inform you that there's only one road leading to Silent Hill.

Head towards the direction that James pointed at and you'll find a small church. Turn right from that church and you'll find another game near a wooden cart. Enter through these gates.

Once you get through the gate you'll be met by another very long dirt road. Keep walking forward until you hit the gate made of metal meshes. Don't worry about the sounds , you won't be seeing any enemies yet. Turn left near and enter through the passage as soon as you see the mesh gate.