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Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough Safe Puzzle

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Go through the only open door in the room and enter the toilet.

James will comment about there being something stuck inside it and you'll be prompted whether you want to take it out or not. Of course choose yes.

James will reach into the toilet. He seems to have a nasty habit of placing his hands inside disgusting things. Anyways he'll pull up a wallet and you'll find a memo inside it.

"Unfortunately the code will always be random and the only thing I can help you with is reading the code. Basically the way you'll have to read the code is 1st number towards any direction then the second number towards the direction of the arrows on it's left side. For example 15>>16<<18>>19 this would translate to any direction towards 15 then turn right to 16 left to 18 and right to 19.

Okay, now that we've got that settled in, head out into the main room or living room and you'll find a safe sitting on a chair. Examine it and you'll be able to input a code. My code is VV7 >> X8 << VV5 >> XX. This means that I need to place the dial on 17 then turn right until I hit 18, then left til I hit 15 and finally right until I hit 20. VV7 = 17 (5+5+7), X8 = 18 (10+8) and so on.

Once you get it open you'll receive a lot of handgun bullets, which are really useful for later levels but I recommend that you save them up for now. After that grab the health drink in the kitchen and head out the door leading into the building hallway.