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Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough Wood Creek Apartment Part 4

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Head up the second floor and go back to room 209. This time we have the key so we'll be able to enter the door. Head inside and go out throught he balcony. You'll notice that the balcony is connected to the right side bedroom.

Grab everything you can find, there's a key on top of the bed near the headboard. Save your game, you'll be needing it just in case.

Head back out the balcony and into the room. Exit towards the hallway and turn left. Continue walking down the hallway until you reach the blue end of the path. Examine the door and James will use the stairway key and you'll be able to enter it.

Great the last guy we want to see right now. This is a semi-boss battle and I cannot stress this enough. This guy cannot be killed. He's immortal, unkillable, cannot be damaged or whatever you want to call him so don't go wasting your handgun ammo on him.

Luckily for us this guy is really slow, I mean really, really slow. His sword swings are also very easy to dodge. If you take him on seriously chances are you can get through the whole thing unharmed. Downside is that it can get very boring.

I recommend following this pattern of doing a counterclockwise rotation on the 4 corners of the room. This will make him easier to dodge since the camera angles will be better.

Keep dodging him for around 2 mins and he'll retreat on his own. Be careful though if you stick too close to him while he's retreating there's still a chance that he'll attack you and with the controls of Silent Hill 2. It's gonna be hard to dodge.

Once he's out of sight the water in the staircase will drain and you can use the stairs then.

Head down the stairs then turn right and exit through the door.

And we are officially out of the Wood Creek Apartment.