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Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough Flesh lips boss battle

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God damned it James!

As soon as the battle begins equip your shotgun. Run towards one end of the room and wait for James to aim his shotgun at the creatures.

Once James holds the shotgun at a certain angle you'll know that Flesh Lips is within range. Start shooting at it.

Be careful not to let it get too close though or it would strangle you with its feet.

Keep running around and shooting at them when you get the chance, 2 rounds should be the maximum amount that you can fire without letting them get too close.

You'll know that it's dead when it "curls" it's feet up like this.

Once the second one is dead a third Flesh Lip will drop down from the ceiling. This time it'll be easier to kill since it's alone.

You can either continue to blast it with a shotgun like I did or use a handgun. Using a handgun will take longer but it will stop the Flesh Lip from advancing towards you, plus you get to keep your shotgun bullets for later.

Once they're all dead there's going to be a small cutscene.