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Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough Silent Hill: Other world

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After leaving the hospital you'll notice that the outside is different from usual. The fog is gone and everything is completely dark. The streets are more dangerous too. Nurses are now prowling the area instead of the usual Mannequin and Lying figures.

As soon as you hit the streets turn left and follow Carroll St. until you reach the end and start walking to the right side of Rendell St. Don't bother killing the nurses. They may be faster than the other monsters but James can still easily outrun them.

Once you get to the end of Rendell St. Head further down Munson St. and into Saul St. Ignore my location on the map. I got a bit lost looking for a way around.

Keep walking on Saul St. until you see a tunnel. At the end of it there's a door. Examine the door to enter the next area.

In this area the floor is made of a metal mesh and although it's a typical straight path, there are things lurking underneath the floor. Mandarins are creatures that latch on under the floor and attack James with tentacles. Run through them and they won't be able to damage you. Keep running until you get to the exit.

Once you get outside, you'll see the trailer home that you saw during the early stages of the game. There's a first-aid kit near it so grab that, there's also some shotgun shells near the car in front of the trailer. Save your game inside the trailer just in case.

Exit the trailer and open your map. We need to get to Lindsey St. So head for Sanders St. and take a turn towards Lindsey St. There shouldn't be anything blocking your path but there are a lotof enemies so try to run past them to conserve health and bullets.

On the corner of Lindsey St. and Sanders St. There's a shop. Count 2 houses down from the shop and your camera should automatically change its view. Grab the wrench and read the letter.

From Lindsey St. open your map and check for Katz St. Head for further west on Katz St. near the barricade.

At the end of Katz St. there should be a tall wall blocking your path. To the right side of that wall is a door with bloody hand prints on it. This door was previously locked but you should be able to access it now.

Once again open your map and you're now in the other side of town. If you need some supplies there are some first-aid kit and an ampoule further down Katz. St. The ampoule and first-aid kit is near the garbage cans and there's another first-aid kit beside a fire hydrant. If not then head for Rosewater park via Munson St.

Enter Rosewater park from the left side entrance and grab the shotgun shells near the door (where you killed tha Mannequin after meeting Maria for the first time).

Head deeper into Rosewater park and take the stairs on the right side when you get to the area with two stairs. Keep walking and turn left and down the stairs after you see another stairway. Continue walking until you see the branching roads and turn to James's left one more time to find the statue of a praying woman.

Approach the statue and go behind it to find a mound of fresh dirt. Examine it and tell James to dig it out.

You'll find a small metal box locked by two bolts. Open your inventory and use the wrench that you found on Lindsey St. to open it. Inside you'll find an old bronze key. Don't bother going around Rosewater park any further. Pyramid head is lurking somewhere in the area so it's best just to avoid him completely.

Instead head out the way you entered through Rosewater park and bring out your map. Walk along Nathan Ave. until you reach the Silent Hill Historical Society. There are a few nurses along the way so be sure to avoid any unnecessary battles.

There's a first-aid kit near the Historical Society building. It's near the cars where the nurse is. Be careful of the nurse though since it's very close to the item and may hit you before you can grab the kit.

Examine the door and James will automatically unlock the door with the bronze key you found at Rosewater park.