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Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough Brookhaven Hospital

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Grab the map as soon as you enter through the door, Maps are really important since it keeps you from rechecking rooms so much.

Now head towards the reception room and enter the door. Now is a good chance to save your game. After saving grab the health drink near where Maria's standing and exit through the door near her.

You'll find some documents in this room along with a key. Examine the documents and you'll receive the purple bull key. After getting them head back out into the hospital hallways.

Open up your map and head for the staircase, it's near the elevator. Climb up the stairs until you reach the 2nd floor and enter through the door.

As soon as you enter the 2nd floor you'll be attacked by Nurses. Equip your handgun and start shooting at them until they fall and proceed to finishing them off with a stomp. From here on out I do not recommend equipping the steel pipe for combat. Nurses are usually in groups and weild weapons. HP items are more of a concern than bullets. So start equpping the handgun regularly.

After killing the Nurses head through the double door that leads into the patient rooms. Grab the handgun bullets that are on top of the stool and continue down the hall.

Enter through the first double door on the right and grab the first-aid kit inside it. Go towards the back of the room and you'll find a typewriter.

Examine the typewriter and James will find something written on a carbon paper that's stuck between the sheets. Note the code down since you'll be using it later.

Head back out the door and enter the room with "M2" posted on the door. You'll see a small night stand. Grab the handgun bullets on top of it as well as the Lapis key that's inside the open drawer.

Leave the room and proceed futher down the hall. Kill both of the Nurses and head inside room "M3." There's another nurse inside, kill it as soon as you enter. Grab the health drink and the handgun bullets near the mattresses then leave the room. Enter the last room, which is "M6" kill the nurse and take the handgun bullets on top of the fallen night stand, as well as a health drink near where the nurse was standing.

Now leave the area through the double doors that you used to enter. Head for the men's locker room and examine the bloody lab coat to find the examination room key.

Then go into the women's locker room at the opposite side of men's locker room and examine the teddy bear that's sitting on top of the table. You'll find a bent needle. Inspect the locker beside the table and you'll find a shotgun.

Now head downstairs back to the 1st floor and open your map. Head for the examination room. There's nothing on the first room so exit through the door next to Maria. On the second room there's some shotgun shells in the sink and a whiteboard near the door. Examine the whiteboard and there's going to be some clues on it.

If you're playing on normal or easy then I believe the passcode would be written in it's numerical version. Meaning you don't need to solve anything. But if you're playing on hard then this is what you'll get. So basically it's a T and you'll also find out that it's for the patient wing.

Leave the room via the door beside the whiteboard. James will unlock it. Head back to the staircase and up the third floor. If you turn left, you'll see 2 nurses. Kill them and grab the first-aid kit that's on the floor near the elevator at the end of the hall. Then go back towards the other end of the room and type in the password. On easy or normal it's 7 3 3 5. On hard it's 1328.

Once you get the door open head inside and go to room "S3." Maria will sit down and James will suggest that she takes a break while he continues to look for Laura. Grab the key on top of the night stand and leave the room.

Head for room "S11" and take the health drink as well as save your game. Then exit the room and head back for the door with the password earlier. Enter the staircase and head further up to the roof.

Look around the corner of the roof and you'll find some paper scattered around. Examine it and James will read a diary.

After reading the diary, head for the other door in this area. It's on the right side of the door you used to enter the roof top. You'll hear a familiar sound of metal being dragged on the floor.

After screaming like a little girl with the encounter you'll end up at the special treatment rooms, an area which was previously blocked from you. Enter the third door from the right.

There's some blood on the side of the room. Examine it and you'll see a code and a clue. Now we have everything we need. So head out the special treatment area through the exit. It's the one where all the bloody scratches originate from.

Head back inside the patient wing on the 3rd floor and enter room "S14," it's the last room on that floor. There's going to be a box with 4 locks. Can't get more paranoid than that.

On the push button lock, enter the code that you found on the typewriter that was written on the carbon paper. For the turning lock, use the code that was written with blood on the special treatment room. Use the Lapis key for the padlock and finally use the Purple bull key that you found in the reception office room from when you just got to the hospital.

You'll find some hair inside the box. Leave the room and proceed to enter the shower room in front of room "S6."

Inside the shower room you'll find some green paint that leads down the drain. Open up your inventory and combine the hair with the bent needle, then use it.

James will then fish out the elevator key.

Leave the shower room and open your map. You'll see that there's an elevator nearby. Go there and examine it. James will use the elevator key and you'll now have access to the elevator. I would recommend that you head for S11 room first and save your game before you continue.

Examine the keypad on the elevator and press the 1st floor. Once there, head for room C3 and grab the shotgun bullets from the night table and some handgun bullets near the mattress.

Leave room C3 and enter room C2, your camera will shift it's angle and you'll see some stuffed bears on top of the metal bed frames. Approach it to start another cutscene.