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Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough Brookhaven Hospital (other world)

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After the cutscene head out through the door. Grab the shotgun shells and save your game on the save point. Enter through the double doors on the parallel to the save point.

You'll be back in the patient wing once you enter the door. Open your map and head for room C2.

Kill the nurse and grab the firs-aid kit. Then head out the room and enter room C1. There's another nurse inside. Kill it and grab the bullets on the bed as well as the health drink on the night stand.

Leave the room and go back the way you came. Turn right when you reach the corner near where you entered the patient wing from and you'll see the elevator. Take it up to the second floor.

Outside the elevator there's going to be 3 nurses. Kill all of them and proceed to the left side of the hall.

Open your map and head towards room M6. Grab the handgun bullets from the bed, a first-aid kit from the night stand. Then inspect the poster on top of the bed and grab the key and batteries from the hole in the wall.

Leave room M6 and enter room M4. There's 2 nurses inside so get rid of them and grab the health drink and handgun bullets on the bed. Then leave the room and take the elevator to the 3rd floor.

There's 2 nurses on the hallway. Kill them and head for room S11. Inside there's going to be an ampoule and some handgun bullets on the night stand. Grab those and examine the documents on the bed.

Exit the room and make your way down the hall until you find the double doors. This is the same double door as the one you used a pass code in before the hospital turned other worldly.

There are 2 nurses in the hallway. I don't recommend killing them since they won't be too much trouble for you and you get to keep precious ammo. Head inside the storage room and grab the handgun bullets, shotgun shells and first-aid kit on the shelves.

Leave the storage room and head for the staircase. The door is in front of the double doors you went through earlier. There's a save point here. Save your game then proceed descending the stairs until you get to the basement.

Inside the basement there's some handgun bullets on the floor. Grab those, then examine the shelf on the left side of the room. There's going to be a small cutscene and you'll be reunited with Maria.

Descend the newly revealed ladder and you'll end up in a small square room. James will automatically look down at a ring on the floor. Grab that and make your way back to the third floor. You should save your game on the save point at the third floor stairway.

Make your way back to the elevator in the patient wing and choose to go down to the second floor. There's going to be a mini-game, which is can't be skipped but may be worth your while.

"If you're interested in taking the items from the mini-game then head back up to the third floor and exit the patient wing through the double doors again. Enter the storage room, the same place as where you got the first-aid kit, shotgun shells and handgun bullets before going down to the basement.

Now head back towards the elevator and down the 2nd floor. Turn left and enter the door at the end of the hallway. Inside you'll find a refrigerator that can be opened. If you came here before being reunited with Maria then you can't open this. Once you have Maria with you she'll help you open it up and you'll receive a second ring.

Go back to the elevator and take it up to the 3rd floor. Examine the door on the right side of the elevator and you'll see that its hands are obviously protruding. Open your inventory and use both the copper and the lead ring on it. The door should open and you'll be able to use the stairs.

Enter the door with the painting and make your way down towards the first landing. You'll see a blue paper on the ground examine it and you'll find that someone stole the director's key and hid it behind the "praying woman."

Make your way further down the stairs. Ignore all the other doors they'll all be locked. At the end of the deepest stairs there's a brown door. Enter through there.

Time to run like there's no tomorrow. Ignore Maria and keep running. Just run, run, run through the corridors and don't stop. Don't even try to help her. Keep on running until you reach the elevator.

Be careful with turning. Pyramid Head isn't dragging that huge sword of his anymore so he'll walk a lot faster now compared to before. Just keep running towards the elevator and a cutscene will play.

After the cutscene head out the elevator and we get to hear some very lovely music. Open your map and head for the director's room. Inside you'll find a key for the lobby door and a note which marks the location of a letter and a map.

the first marker is for the letter and the wrench.

The second is for the key that was hidden by the patient and our next destination, which is the Silent Hill Historical Society.

Leave the director's office and go to the entrance of the hospital. Save your game and examine the main entrance. James will use the lobby key and we're finally done with Brookhaven Hospital.